Executive Compensation Corporation (ECC) provides management, boards of directors, government regulators, institutional investors and law firms with advisory services and expert testimony on the full range of executive compensation arrangements, including salaries, incentive compensation plans, phantom stock, stock options, employment agreements, golden parachutes, deferred compensation and executive retirement plans.  We also serve as “consultant to the consultants”, advising other consulting firms on leading edge executive compensation practices.


The firm provides research, information, planning and advice on private sector executive compensation practices to a predominantly corporate clientele in diverse industries, including financial services, manufacturing and high technology, and in a wide variety of settings, including initial public offerings, mergers, start-ups and joint ventures.


The principal of the firm is Robert Salwen.


From our inception in 1995, we have been committed to providing sophisticated executive compensation consulting services to a limited clientele, without the distractions, pressures and degradation of service quality that larger consulting firms with multiple lines of practice, large headcounts and substantial overhead sometimes experience.  We would be unable to fulfill this commitment were we not highly selective about the number of clients and type of assignments which we accept; and so we are perhaps more cautious than most about accepting new clients.


We endeavor to provide our clients with the expertise and resources appropriate for the task at hand, wherever it may reside.  For this purpose, we regularly collaborate on consulting assignments with other firms with which we maintain ongoing relationships.  This approach enables ECC to service a wider variety of clients and assignments than would otherwise be the case, and to deploy the appropriate personnel and resources on each assignment.




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